Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Blue Oceans becomes an OISV member

OISV - Organization of Independent Software Vendors - Contributing Member

What or who is OISV

OISV stands for Organisation of Independent Software Vendors.

The OISV is a co-operative of Developers, Marketers, Distributors, and Retailers that combine their resources to create better and affordable software for users. Membership to the OISV is upon approval only and members are only accepted on their past, current or future involvement in the software industry. The logo of the OISV is a brand of a professional in the software industry and can be trusted wherever it is displayed.

What is the mission of OISV?

To cooperate and work together for the betterment of all Developers, Marketers, Distributors, and Retailers in the software industry.
To create marketing, development and support paths for all OISV members to use as professional guidelines for success;
To provide Web forums and Articles in which all members can contribute their thoughts and ideas equally;
To help all members distribute and market their software using best practices and the experience of others;
To help users by creating software that solves problems and is affordable.

For Blue Oceans it is important that Independent Software developers, vendors meet eachother to share toughts and ideas.
This way we hope to give our products more visibility to the world! And I hope to post some interesting articles very soon!

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